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A nine-striped flag designed for representing queer people.

Queer is a broad and intentionally vague label that some people use for their orientation and/or gender. People with a queer orientation may be monosexual, asexual, mspec, or perhaps something else. A queer person might just use "queer" because their identity is complicated and difficult to describe with specific terms, or because they simply prefer not to use specific terms.[1] Alternatively, they could identify as queer along with other, more specific, labels.[2]

A display of pride flags in Leadenhall Market, London. The nine-stripe queer flag is visible behind the polysexual flag.

Queer is sometimes used as an umbrella term for everyone who is not fully cisgender and fully straight as well as perisex, but caution should be exercised because some 2SLGBTQIA+ people dislike the term "queer" being applied to them, as it has a history of being used as a slur.[3]

Notable mspec people who identify as queer[edit]


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