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A pride parade at Christopher Street Day in Berlin in 2019. On the left, a polysexual flag is being carried.

Polysexual is a term meaning one has sexual attraction to multiple genders but not all genders.[1][2] Polysexuals might or might not have gender preferences.[3]

Polysexual people may also be polyromantic, or they may have a different romantic orientation.

It is often abbreviated as "ply" to avoid confusion with Polynesian or polyamorous.[4][5]

"Polysexual" has also been used as a term meaning "intended for/relating to multiple genders", for example a "polysexual bathroom".[6]

Polysexual and Polyromantic Visibility Day is celebrated on 26 July[7]; this occasion was first marked in 2021.[8] In addition, Polysexual Pride Day takes place on 4 June.[9]


The term "polysexual" dates back at least to the 80's: a 1988 issue of an anarchist publication in Toronto, The Ecomedia Bulletin, stated that an organization called the Lavender Panthers of Discordia was seeking "Information, ideas or articles concerning AIDS, quarantining, gay/lesbian/polysexual liberation, paganism, animal liberation or antistatism".[10]

Fictional polysexual characters[edit]

  • In a 2019 episode of the animated show Young Justice: Outsiders, the character Kaldur'ahm (Aqualad/Aquaman) is shown holding hands with and kissing an Atlantean man named Wyynde. The series writer and co-creator Greg Weisman tweeted that "From Kaldur's POV, he is – at minimum – polysexual, which is not to say that he isn't pansexual, but he's never YET fallen for anyone that didn't/doesn't identify as male or female. He tries not to label." However, the character was gay in the canon of the comics.[11]
  • Recurring character Puck/Owen Burnett in the 1994-1997 Disney show Gargoyles was confirmed to be genderfluid and polysexual in a 2014 interview with the creative team.[12]

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