Ply flag variations

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Common ply pride flag, created by Samlin.

The most commonly-used polysexual pride flag is three horizontal stripes of pink (#F51BB8), green (#07D569), and blue (#1C92F6). It was designed by a tumblr user named Samlin in 2012.

Since then, some variant ply flag designs have been proposed. This page will list the ones that have gained some popularity. See Mspec Wiki:Content policy#Flag variations for details on criteria for inclusion.

2020 redesign by ply-space[edit]

ply-space 2020 design.

After the tumblr user ply-space created many redesign options, they ran a survey among ply people, with the majority of respondents choosing the flag seen here.[1]

This redesign uses similar colors to the original, but paler/more pastel. The stripe colors are #FF5AB6, #62D683, and #5182F0.


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