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Playersexual is a term used in relation to video games with romanceable characters. A "playersexual" character will be attracted to the player character no matter which gender the player character is. This is generally not considered the same as real mspec representation. Patrick Tierney, writing for in 2020, said that

« There are canonically bisexual characters in video games whose sexuality is represented by dialog or story. Playersexual characters often only have an in-game sexuality as it relates to the player, and other evidence of attraction is minimal if even present at all. This is already a recipe for wish fulfillment, often at the expense of story and characterization. When romance candidates don’t have sexualities outside of being attracted to the player, sex and romance becomes centered around the player. It becomes hollow, an achievement for the player to get rather than any sort of realistic relationship.[1] »


  1. Tierney, Patrick (14 February 2020). "We Need More LGBTQ+ Representation Than Playersexual Characters". Retrieved 11 February 2024.

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