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A couple kissing in front of a pansexual flag.

Pansexual is an orientation which is sexual attraction to people of all genders, or regardless of gender.[1] There is overlap between pansexual and other mspec labels such as bisexual and omnisexual. All mspec people have the right to choose which label(s) they identify with.

Pansexual people may also be panromantic or they may have a different romantic orientation.

Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness & Visibility Day takes place annually on 24 May.[2] Pan Pride Day is celebrated on 8 December.[3][4]


"Pansexualism" was a word coined by Sigmund Freud, and referred to "the psychological theory that all human activity (mental and physical) is based on sexuality."[5] It is important to know that "pansexual" as an orientation is unrelated to Freud's theory of pansexualism.[6]

The pansexual flag was created by a nonbinary person named Jasper in 2010. Jasper said in a 2018 interview that "Most of my motivation for the flag was making something aesthetically pleasing – before the flag, the only pansexuality symbols in use were variants on the letter P, often combined with gender symbols, which didn't feel like a flag does. The rainbow flag is such a significant part of LGBTQ history that I think it's completely understandable that communities and identities would want to see their own."[7]


Some people claim that to be "truly" pansexual, a person has to have no preferences in regards to their attraction. This is disputed by many in the pan community.[8]

Flags and symbols[edit]

Notable pansexual people[edit]

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Fictional pansexual characters[edit]

  • The title character of Barbarella was described as a "pansexual blonde space James Bond" by the comic's writer Leah Williams in 2018.[12]
  • Wade Wilson/Deadpool has been most often described as pansexual (and sometimes omnisexual) by people in lead creative positions for the franchise.[13]
  • Desire, a character in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, has been confirmed to be nonbinary and pansexual by Gaiman himself.[13]
  • Eliza Han, a character debuting in the 2022 one-shot comic Archie & Friends: Summer Lovin’, was described in the official summary as "a bi-racial pansexual teen with a remarkable back story as the brains behind a major corporation".[14]

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