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The most commonly used pan pride flag has three stripes which are hot pink, bright yellow, and bright blue. It was created in 2010 by a nonbinary person named Jasper. Jasper said in a 2018 interview that "Most of my motivation for the flag was making something aesthetically pleasing – before the flag, the only pansexuality symbols in use were variants on the letter P, often combined with gender symbols, which didn't feel like a flag does. The rainbow flag is such a significant part of LGBTQ history that I think it's completely understandable that communities and identities would want to see their own."[1]

Since then, some variant pan flag designs have been proposed. This page will list the ones that have gained some popularity. See Mspec Wiki:Content policy#Flag variations for details on criteria for inclusion.

Another pan flag that has been circulated consists of five stripes which are hot pink, salmon, yellow, teal, and deep navy blue. It was made cooperatively by a group of four pansexual people: Caity, Logan, Steph, and Cay.[2]


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