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An omnisexual pride flag.

Omnisexuality is sexual attraction to all genders/every gender. Most commonly, it is defined as being similar to pansexuality but with gender playing a key role in attraction.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Omnisexuals might or might not have gender preferences.[7]

However, some sources say that omnisexual is another word meaning the same as pansexual.[8][9][10]

People who are attracted to all genders have the right to choose which label(s) they want to use.

Omnisexual people may also be omniromantic or they may have a different romantic orientation.


In this photo from the 2022 Manchester Pride Parade, an omnisexual flag is among the flags being held by marchers.

The word "omnisexual" has sometimes been used to mean "androgynous" or "having or exhibiting sexuality everywhere".[11]

As an orientation label, "omnisexual" dates back to the 1980s at least. A 1984 book Sexual Choices: An Introduction to Human Sexuality described omnisexuality as attraction to all sexes.[12]

In a 1993 nonfiction book And then I met this woman: previously married women's journeys into lesbian relationships, a woman named Gayle describes a woman named Sue whom Gayle had fallen in love with many years prior: "[Sue] does not consider herself a lesbian. The last time I talked to her, she said she was 'omnisexual.' She doesn't like labels."[13]

Also in 1993, the "Gays and Lesbians On Campus" club at Canberra University in Australia changed the club name to Jellybabies, noting in the school's journal WORONI that "Many of us in the group felt that the title Gays and Lesbians on Campus no longer reflected the make-up of our members and was not sufficiently welcoming for people who identify as bisexual, omnisexual, fluid, unsure, queer, autoerotic [...]"[14]

A display of pride flags in London's Leadenhall Market. The omnisexual flag is visible in the left row, behind the pansexual flag.

A 1993 interview with actor Richard Gere brought up the rumors of Gere being gay. Gere responded, "Cosmically, there's nothing wrong with being heterosexual, homosexual or omnisexual. The accusation is meaningless, and whether it's true or false is no one's business. I know who I am; what difference does it make what anyone thinks?"[15]

Two of the 101 "gender outlaws" listed in Kate Bornstein's 1998 book My Gender Workbook called themselves omnisexual, with one of them writing "I'm a butchy-femme, omnisexual, polyamorous, genderbent, kinky, queer" and the other one writing that they were an "omnisexual, omnigendered" trans man.[16]

In 2020, the date of March 21 was proposed as Omni Pride Day, because rotating the M and N in "OMNI" makes it resemble the numerals 0321.[17]


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Notable omnisexual people[edit]

  • In a 2001 interview with The Advocate, Sophie B. Hawkins is said to be a "multitalented singer-songwriter-musician and self-described 'omnisexual'".[18] Hawkins reiterated this identity in a 2012 interview with Rock Cellar Magazine, saying that "[Janis Joplin] didn't discriminate against women or against men, she was truly — and I am truly — omni-sexual."[19]

Fictional omnisexual characters[edit]

  • In 1995, actor Thomas Gibson spoke to The Advocate about his character Beauchamp Day in the miniseries Tales of the City, saying that "People always say he's gay or bisexual. That's too limiting. He's omnisexual."[20]
  • Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman in Doctor Who and Torchwood, was described as omnisexual by Barrowman in a 2007 interview. Barrowman said that "in terms of wording from this day and age he's bisexual, but in the realm of the show, we call him omnisexual, because on the show, [the characters] also have sex with aliens who take human form, and sex with male-male, women-women, all sorts of combinations."[21] Harkness is also said to prefer the omnisexual label in the spin-off novel The House that Jack Built.
  • In the mystery book A Circumstance of Blood, by Jeannette Cooperman, the character Philip states, "I'm not gay. I'm omnisexual."
  • In the science fiction book Space Opera, by Catherynne M. Valente, the main character Decibel Jones is said to be omnisexual, previously identifying as bisexual.
  • In a 2021 interview, James Gunn (Peacemaker series creator and The Suicide Squad director) said "Peacemaker is sort of omnisexual, right? He loves everybody. He wants to have sex with everybody."[22]

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