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The goal of Mspec Wiki is to educate and provide resources on mspec-related topics. This policy outlines the type of content that is allowed or not allowed in this wiki.

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Overall content policy[edit]

  • Above all else, users must follow the Miraheze Content Policy.
  • Mspec Wiki is aimed to provide information and resources about mspec identities: that is, identities with capability for attraction to more than one gender. Other types of 2SLGBTQIA+ identities are valid but are not within the scope of this wiki unless you are writing about their intersection with the mspec community.

External links disclaimer[edit]

  • Mspec Wiki, admins of Mspec Wiki, and other editors of Mspec Wiki are not liable or responsible for the content of any external site that Mspec Wiki links to.

Wording and formatting[edit]

  • The terms "mspec"/"pluralian"/"plurisexual"/"bi+" are umbrella terms for any orientation which has the potential for attraction to more than one gender. This wiki uses "mspec" unless the person or character in question identifies with a more specific label or labels, or unless quoting the words of someone else.
  • For consistency, please always write dates as "Day Month Year", for example "23 September 2021", unless quoting the words of someone else.
  • Mspec Wiki abbreviates "polysexual" and "polyromantic" as "ply" to avoid confusion with "Polynesian" or "polyamorous".
  • Mspec Wiki uses "2SLGBTQIA+" when referring to the wider community, unless quoting the words of someone else.
  • If a person has publicly stated their pronouns, include these on the wiki after mentioning their name. E.g. "Jane Smith (she/her) said in a 2022 interview that she is pansexual."
  • For entities that have different names in different languages, use the name from the original language as the page title, and mention any translations within the lead paragraph. (See the pages for Bi+ Nederland and Osez la bisexualité as examples.)

Flag variations[edit]

This section's guidelines are not set in stone; feel free to post your thoughts on the talk page!

  • Not every single flag variation or flag redesign needs to be included in the wiki. Flag variations/redesigns should meet some level of popularity/notability, such as one or more of the following:
    • Has been made into physical pride merch
    • Has been included in a resource about the mspec community/2SLGBTQIA+ community (Personal social media/other self-published online sources do not count for this criterion)
    • Has been used by an mspec community/organization (online or offline)
    • Has gained a decent amount of social media shares/likes (e.g. 100+ notes on Tumblr, 100+ upvotes on Reddit, 100+ retweets on Twitter)
    • Was shared in a post/video by a "verified"/"official" account (e.g. Youtube verified badge, Twitch partner, etc)
      • Twitter checkmarks are no longer signs of verification, since they can now be purchased
    • Was shown in a news article or published book
  • Avoid uploading "combo identity" flags (e.g. "trans pan flag", "neopronouns omni flag") and "aesthetic edit" flags (e.g. "Halloween bi flag", "cottagecore pan flag")


  • Whenever possible, content should cite a source. Personal blogs and other Wiki sites should be avoided as sources when possible (See next section.)
  • Sources are especially required on articles about real people.

Uncommon terms/Neologisms[edit]

  • An orientation term or other term can be considered "uncommon" or a "neologism" when the only sources discussing or defining it are personal blog posts, personal social media posts, other Wiki sites, or UrbanDictionary, Wattpad, Quotev, etc. Terms like "pluralian" or "disexual" are examples of neologisms.
  • If a term has been discussed or defined in one of the following or a similar source, it is no longer a neologism by Mspec Wiki standards:
    • a published book (fiction or nonfiction)
    • a news article
    • an opinion piece or reference list in a newspaper or news website
    • a news video broadcast
    • a podcast
    • a 2SLGBTQIA+ organization's official website, social media, or blog
    • social media post/video from a "verified"/"official" account (e.g. Youtube verified badge, Twitch partner, etc)
      • Twitter checkmarks are no longer signs of verification, since they can now be purchased.
    • an academic paper/study
    • a published/editorially-controlled dictionary (e.g. not UrbanDictionary or other user-submitted dictionary)