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Mspec Wiki uses this mspec pride flag as a logo. It was posted to the Tumblr blog "Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags" in February 2019.

Mspec or m-spec is short for "multi-attracted spectrum", "multiple-attraction spectrum", or "multisexual/multiromantic spectrum".[1][2][3]

Generally, mspec is used as an adjective, for example "She is mspec", "This is a resource for mspec people".

Plurisexual and pluralian are some synonyms for mspec. A similar term created in 2013 by Julia Serano is BMNOPPQ.

Some people and organizations use the terms "bi umbrella", "bisexual umbrella", "bi+", or "bisexual+" but these terms are sometimes criticized for erasing mspec identities other than bi.[4]


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