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Welcome to Mspec Wiki

The wiki dedicated to mspec identities
Under construction; pardon the mess :)

Mspec Wiki was created on the 18th of February 2022. Our goal is to build a wiki with in-depth information about all orientations which are attracted to more than one gender.

Currently, 1 users are working on 126 articles here.

If you want to contribute, please look over the about page/mission statement and content policy briefly first. :)


Mspec (shorthand for "multi-attraction spectrum") is a term that refers to any orientation that is not exclusive attraction to only one gender. Mspec identities include bisexual/biromantic, pansexual/panromantic, polysexual/polyromantic, omnisexual/omniromantic, multisexual/multiromantic, abrosexual/abroromantic, and more!

Click on the blue words above or explore the wiki to learn more about mspec identities!

Get involved!

This site is a wiki, meaning that anybody (including you) can make a contribution to it. You don't even need to create an account, although it's strongly recommended. These are some things you can do to contribute:

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