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#BisexualMenExist is a hashtag started by Vaneet Mehta in 2019[1] to raise visibility of men (and any nonbinary people who feel comfortable being grouped with men) who are bisexual or any other type of mspec.[2][3]

Mehta created the hashtag in response to biphobia and bi erasure directed at men specifically. A sadly common misconception is that men who say they are bi are actually gay and in denial about it.[1][3]

In 2020, Mehta saw more biphobia towards men flare up online regarding Carlton coming out as bisexual on the dating show Love Is Blind. Mehta again started tweeting with #BisexualMenExist, and soon the hashtag began to trend worldwide.[1][3]

Mehta published the book Bisexual Men Exist: A Handbook for Bisexual, Pansexual and M-Spec Men in January 2023.


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