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Official bi pride flag, created by Michael Page.

The official bi pride flag is three stripes which are magenta, lavender, and royal blue, with the middle (lavender) stripe being narrower than the other two stripes. It was posted online by Michael Page on 5 December 1998.[1]

Since then, some variant bi flag designs have been proposed. This page will list the ones that have gained some popularity. See Mspec Wiki:Content policy#Flag variations for details on criteria for inclusion.

Anti-Racism/POC Inclusive/More Color[edit]

This design was submitted to The Bisexual Index by a person of color who wished to remain anonymous.[2]

The stripes are #d70370, #010001, #9b4e96, #794f16, and #0136a8.

Hydrangea bi flag[edit]

Twitter user @sapphicbisexual posted "a bi flag inspired by hydrangea flowers" on 10 March 2021. By early March 2022, it had been retweeted more than 6,700 times and liked more than 34,900 times.[3]

The stripe colors are #e85397, #e77dad, #aa7bb4, #7484c1, and #3c5dac. According to sapphicbisexual, the five stripes mean "attraction to the same gender", "love", "attraction across the gender spectrum", "peace", and "attraction to different genders".[4]

Kieran's bi pride sunset/bi neurodivergent flag[edit]

An artist named Kieran (she/her) posted a variant bi flag design to her Twitter on 10 June 2020, with the caption "What if bi pride sunset?" Her design features five horizontal stripes, which are deep blue (#2B358D), purple (#603799), pink/magenta (#D53376), orange (#E68143), and yellow-orange (#F1C26A).[5]

The tweet has garnered over 1.3k retweets and over 6.4k likes.

Kieran later tweeted that "I made this design just to experiment with colors and ideas! I have always wished the bi pride flag was more inclusive of nonbinary people so I wanted to play around with that concept. [...] Tl;dr I don't like the 'pink for girls, blue for boys, purple for both' vibe the original flag gives off and wanted to create something that catered more to my own personal bisexual identity, but anyone else is free to use this design." She has also referred to this design as a "bi/neurodivergent pride flag"[6] and says it represents "my own experience with my sexuality and the influences being neurodivergent has on it. Anyone is free to use!"[7]

Kieran also posted a version of her design with a black and a brown stripe added on the top, representing Black and Brown people.


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