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Anthrosexual (the prefix "anthro-" meaning person/human being) is a term literally meaning that one experiences sexual attraction to human beings, with the implication that the gender of those humans does not affect the attraction.[1] Some have defined anthrosexual as "another word for pansexual".[2] People who experience attraction without regard to gender have the right to choose which label(s) they identify with.


"Anthrosexual" was in use as an orientation label by 2005 or possibly earlier.[3]

An anthrosexual flag was posted to DeviantArt by the user SaffronMasalathekiwi (they/them) on 20 February 2018. However, they defined "anthrosexual" somewhat differently, saying that it meant:

« person who doesn't have their sexuality confirmed, they could be heterosexual, Homosexuals, Bisexual, Pansexual or Asexual.

Or just stay Anthrosexual and be something like a Pansexual! why not?[4]



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