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Abrosexual pride flag.

Abrosexual is a term for a sexual orientation that is fluid/changes from time to time. "For example, a person who is abrosexual might be sexually attracted to men at one point, then not sexually attracted to anyone weeks later."[1] It is important to note that the timeframes of orientation changes are different between different abrosexual people.[2]

Abrosexual people may also be abroromantic or they may have a different romantic orientation.

The abro- prefix was taken from the Greek root for "delicate" or "graceful", and was chosen to represent "the movement and changing nature of" this orientation.[1]

Abrosexual Pride Day takes place on 2 July.[3] This date was voted on by the users of the r/Abrosexual subreddit in December 2020, because "On a non-leap year, July 2nd falls precisely in the middle of the year and signifies the day when the world changes from the first half of the year to the second. [...] this change is representative of the fluctuations in sexuality for abrosexuals."[4]


The term "abrosexual" is thought to have originated on DeviantArt around 2013.[5][2]

The abrosexual pride flag was created on tumblr in 2016.[6]


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